Fantage Weekend Items Sale!


M said that all of the new ski items will be 50% cheaper than they originally were 😀

The sale will only take place this weekend, so hurry to get it while it lasts!

Fantage Winter Items!

Hey Fantagians 🙂

Fantage released the first set of the winter items 😀 Winter Sweatshirts! They are available at Le Shop and are 500 StarS each. They are for premium members only though 😥

Here is the set for boys 😀


Here is the set for girls 🙂


In other news, The Fantage Newspaper stated that you can make your own comic 😀 Here is a frame that you can use for the making of the comic 😀


Peace 🙂


Snow in Fantage :D Fantage Christmas!

Hey my fellow fantagians 🙂

fantage is covered in snow!!!!! 😀 They updated the world map to make it all snowy and awesome 😀


Down Town loooks totally cool and awesome ;D its covered in the snowy goodness 😛


Their is lots of hidden fun 😀 Fantage hid the game “Snow Day” in some places other than the castle 😀 one place is down town 🙂


Sorry for the linking to the site 😦 i just hate it when people take my images and say that they took the picture and erase me out of the image…