Fantage: Most Visted Homes Coming On Monday

Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! We are now bringing this website back to life so we will be posting a lot on this. This monday, Fantage will be releasing its most visted homes list inside the brand new Hall of Fame. The users with the homes that have had the most visitors within the past week will be featured in this list.

Head over to Ottoman’s to get some furniture items to make your home more worth visiting. When you make it onto the list, you will receive a reward of 500 free stars. If you want to get lots of visitors fast, throwing a party is a very good way to get lots of visitors.

-Canada and Sameer1000


Fantage: New MVP And Rookie Listings Now Released

Hey Fantagains! Canada and Sameer1000Β here! Head over to the Hall of Fame today to see who Fantage’sΒ MVPsΒ and Rookies are this week. MVPs are the users who have earned the most stars over the past week. Rookies are the users who have joined in the last month and have leveled up the most. Some of these users have tied with other users so the higher your level is, the higher your rank will be in the list.

If you did not make it onto the list week, do not worry because you have plenty more chances to get into the Hall of Fame.Β If you want to earn many stars very quickly, buy a double star coupon and use it in the game you play to get double the stars.

-Canada and Sameer1000

Fantage Weekend Items Sale!


M said that all of the new ski items will be 50% cheaper than they originally were πŸ˜€

The sale will only take place this weekend, so hurry to get it while it lasts!

Fantage New December Items are Out!

Hey fantagians πŸ˜€

sameer1000 here! the new fantage items for december are out! you can get them at le shop, stellar sallon, wizards domain & loco boards! these items will be available until the end of the holidays.


Fantage New Hair Styles!

Hello Fantagians!

M posted a preview or 2 hair styles out of the 20 new hair styles coming later this week =D This means you need to save up your money because it wontΒ  be cheap =P


I like the hat the agent guy is wearing!!!! πŸ˜€

Cya Around!

Answer to the image =D

Hey! Sameer1000 here πŸ™‚

M posted the answer to the quiz ;D Its a hellicopter! πŸ˜€ I wonder what it could beΒ  for :O


In other news, im being framed! Some guy says i stole ‘Sameer1000’ from him 😦 I did not! i created ‘Sameer1000’ so dont believe him


Snow in Fantage :D Fantage Christmas!

Hey my fellow fantagians πŸ™‚

fantage is covered in snow!!!!! πŸ˜€ They updated the world map to make it all snowy and awesome πŸ˜€


Down Town loooks totally cool and awesome ;D its covered in the snowy goodness πŸ˜›


Their is lots of hidden fun πŸ˜€ Fantage hid the game “Snow Day” in some places other than the castle πŸ˜€ one place is down town πŸ™‚


Sorry for the linking to the site 😦 i just hate it when people take my images and say that they took the picture and erase me out of the image…