About Sameer1000 and Canada

About Sameer1000:

My fantage username is Sameer1000, and i am mostly on blue tiger, or silver bunny πŸ™‚ Whats up? if you see me say Chocolate and i will notice you πŸ™‚ i wont add you unless we become good buddies

Main account: Sameer1000

Second accounts: Coke, Nynxlord96

Favorite mod: Himani

Favorite item: Beta hat

Favorite hover board: Red Convertible

Favorite buddies: 2008sarah, wind,

I haveΒ been toΒ  the following countries: Canada, Thailand, America, Pakistan, China, Australia. And i have traveled to countries like: Japan, Canada, Thailand, Pakistan, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, and many others.

About Canada:

Hey everyone! I am Canada and my fantage username is canada. I started playing fantage in march 2008 during the beta test. You can usually find me at downtown in the server White Seal.

Favorite item: Beta hat

Favorite server: White Seal


48 Responses

  1. Thats amazing Dude lol Himani is your favorite Mod πŸ™‚

  2. I made my account around the same time as you made yours πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. I’ll put yours on mine since I like your site too πŸ™‚


  4. kool…….. iv seen u around ^_^ like today XD …………i like pizza….. i see canada too XD ahhhhhhhhh………. check that video out i dont own it <:::::::::::[===] XD

  5. I love chocolate too!!!!! I am a daughter of a chocoholic lol

  6. OK………………………………… i live i ohio in COLLAGE VILLAGE maple st apartment b22 see me ill; be there p.s I love sameers10000’s music video 1

  7. lol woah hi πŸ˜€

  8. My fav food is also chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wow u have traveled to so many amazing places where did u get all that money i mean REALLY!!!

  10. wat is ur account

  11. Hey dude you remember adding me? πŸ˜› i’ve got questions last time i saw u,u were lvl 75 im levl 44 but i want to get higher any tip? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› XP XD >:-)

  12. sameer,your brothers cheat site is gone.what happened to it?

  13. hey i see you alot dude. chocolate! o and im on white seal everyday and sometime want to be buddies?

  14. Hey pepoles i teling you ill be on white seal today at 7:54 ok?
    im gabriella99 and i will be on down town .
    see you there!

  15. Its 7:55 am in my time zome

  16. If you is me ill be non member i am not im member

    If i say i like ice cream and your user name i will be friends if your nice.thanks

  17. dude ur site is awesome. o and when do those hair styles come out i want to get them totally. =p

  18. my user name is jenny1197 omg i love you so much CHOCOLATE ROCKS lol.If any of you quit playing fantage go to maplestory.com and download it plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. omg sameer100. i saw u yesterday February 8, 2009 in Top Models. I added u but u denied!!! next tme i’ll say chocolate. lol. u were also in a fashion show with tivtiv09, which is my little sister. u probably don’t remember us though since u saw a lot of people. so next time TANYA21

  20. tries to add u say yes!!! and then we can talk and be good friends! okay bye!

  21. oh sorry forgot to put sameer 1000 accidentally put sameer100. anyways forgot to ask u an important question. r u chaldean or arabic? cuz sameer is a total chaldean name! i would know cuz i’m chaldean.

  22. Hey I like your website but can you tell us how to be bald on fantage?

  23. my name is lunatux which sever do u go no the most????oh lets try to met i am a member girl. Toddles

  24. i think i no u do u no me and by the way
    You Rule πŸ™‚

  25. cool i’m ashley7675 on fantage

  26. do u eat burgers for breakfast little man


  28. hey sameer its me michael555 and i just wondered wat is a mod i dnt no plz tll me thx

  29. wow alot of places
    i wish i could be u

  30. *chocolate is awesome* ive seen you on fantage; your on my buddies list. i went to your beach party about…10 days ago… but me and glopper were the only ones…i had a beach party for my blog, too, fantagecheats4u.wordpress.com , and one person came early, and didnt stay til it started, and one showed after i had given up all hope of someone coming. 😦 o well, it was the day b4 mothers day anyway. See u on fantage


  31. nice website is very cool i wish i could make 1 but i cant. I love chocolate too is my faverite sweet chocolate is soooooo awesome i buy it every day with my pocket money i only get Β£5 every friday.byeeee everyone i hope u enjoy reading wat i wrote.

  32. Sameer1000 i hope u notice me when i see u im a big fan of urs sooooo add me straight away when u see me.

  33. hey sameer, itz me cody, i dont play fantage, but nice blog, are you famous on fantage too? πŸ˜›

  34. thnx for this website this is a nice website and its the sec fav website for me ur having amazing information and everything is amazing in here really love it and thnx for this website

  35. sammer did you seen me around

    i hope plz add me when u see me around and ask me to be your partner plz plz plz i whant to ppl see me on youtube by the way i am from uae and i am a member

  36. Sameer I’m From Dominican Republic P.S. The 200,000 Hits Party Was The Best!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hey sameer i seen u last time im a fan of ur site too. I aded and said hi. if u did not ad me its ok but a hi bak would b fine to me plz reply. I hope i c ya later.


  38. Sup Sameer1000!

    I love your site, and I love your vidieo about Fruit Saled, i was kinda wondering if you would like to check out my site, its also about fantage, but i kinda just started, but its comming along quite nicley, its at


  39. Sameer I like really wanna meet you but, I cant find you anywhere lol. So can you maybe Reply back and we will be good friendz like canada and you maybe. I love you and canada ( really… just like as a friend ).I watch all your videos and canada’s too. Sameer,Canada,BoogieRamon and
    Jack are like my favorite ppl on fantage ( b/c they r famous ). At first I thought you guyz were the ones who made fantage for a second but, then I figerd out that there’s other ppl who made this. Everyone on fantage rocks but, memberz to me ( but u guyz =] ).Members act populer on fantage.I used to be a member but, now im a non b/c they took it away from and im like ” WHAT THE HECK ”. I was so mad b/c I thought ppl wern’t gonna treat me the same then they used too but, Jack used to be a member I think and he still has friends. Im guessing is that he is a guy/dude lol. It gets really annoying how girls dont get boyz when they are non memberz. Thatz why!

  40. It sayz 3:05 but, itz 9:05

  41. hola amigo

  42. Hey dude remember me,
    Well, prob. not because u prob. have 200 friends yesterday when i logged on i was tring to find you on my buddy list, but I couldnt find it. Then about two days ago i saw youon fantage amber anolope and asked if you could add me again, but you said you didn’t remember me 😦
    did you delete me by accident or did i delete by accident when you get a chance can you add me again……
    ur old friend
    hope to c yeah round dude…..
    ps i am a member and hang around blue tiger or top server

  43. Hey dude,
    its memberzman2 if you still remember me….we got to be pretty good friends so you added me, but a few days ago i saw you, but i guess some how you got deleted from my list i tried to get you to add me, but you said you didnt remember me.the member friend you use to know ~memberzman2~
    your old friend

    ~memberzman2~ P.s. if you ever get a chance to add me again im on blue tiger or the top server and if you dont remember i IMed you on fantage right after you did the thing for the new boxy game……

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