Sameer1000 & Canada’s 1 year on fantage party :D

It will be one year since we joined šŸ˜€ We hope that you can make it to our party šŸ™‚

10:00 AM Pacific USA
12:00 Pm (afternoon) Central USA
1:00 PM Eastern

Where: Aqua Unicorn
Room: Down Town
Date: Saturday March 7th, 2009


Sameer1000 & Canada

3 Responses

  1. i want to be a member

  2. Could you have a party on fantage in December 2009?I’ve always wanted to meet you and am looking forward to meeting you some day on fantage.Please have a party in December 2009 i want to meet you so bad.Please look for me.If you want to look for me on fantage my username is:greenpinecones73.
    thank you for reading this love,greenpinecones73 (you can choose what date ,room,and where.)

  3. hi i hope u have a go day bye bye

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