Answer to the image =D

Hey! Sameer1000 here 🙂

M posted the answer to the quiz ;D Its a hellicopter! 😀 I wonder what it could be  for :O


In other news, im being framed! Some guy says i stole ‘Sameer1000’ from him 😦 I did not! i created ‘Sameer1000’ so dont believe him


One Response

  1. I feel ya. This girl was determined to take ShayminSteph as her public name on everything and when she made an account on Fantage she got all mad because she said I took the name from her! I’ve been ShayminStph for 6 years!! And shes one year younger than me. Those who rebel just can’t take that the originals are always better lol (and either way, just ignore them. Everybody in downtown was on my side lol. Most of them were my friends, but it still counts.)

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