Fantage End of the Year Party!

Hey Fantagians! ;D

Fantage threw an awesome party at green giraffe Down Town! Several Staff members were online 😀 They were on as: G, M, N, J, and R!

They even changed the map for the party 😀 This was only visible on Green Giraffe!


They also gave a free party hat 🙂


Cya Around 🙂


Fantage: New Items!!

Hey Fantagians 😀

Sorry i havnt posted in a while 😦 Today Fantage released some awesome new items 😀 They brought back the classic santa suit and 4 different santa hats for 2008 StarS each. Its crazy but heres the image ;D


They also added some new coats and a new T-Shirt 😀


Also, our new link is 😀

Cya Around 🙂


My Hit Video :D

Hey everybody 🙂 Check out my fruit salad video 😀 its really popular and i made it a few months ago 🙂


Fantage Winter Items!

Hey Fantagians 🙂

Fantage released the first set of the winter items 😀 Winter Sweatshirts! They are available at Le Shop and are 500 StarS each. They are for premium members only though 😥

Here is the set for boys 😀


Here is the set for girls 🙂


In other news, The Fantage Newspaper stated that you can make your own comic 😀 Here is a frame that you can use for the making of the comic 😀


Peace 🙂


Snow in Fantage :D Fantage Christmas!

Hey my fellow fantagians 🙂

fantage is covered in snow!!!!! 😀 They updated the world map to make it all snowy and awesome 😀


Down Town loooks totally cool and awesome ;D its covered in the snowy goodness 😛


Their is lots of hidden fun 😀 Fantage hid the game “Snow Day” in some places other than the castle 😀 one place is down town 🙂


Sorry for the linking to the site 😦 i just hate it when people take my images and say that they took the picture and erase me out of the image…



New Game on Fantage! “Splash”

Hey Fantagians 😀

Fantage released a new game today 🙂 It is called splash! It is located at the beach under the life guard near the table in the center of the beach. To much description 😛


When you load up the game a message like this comes up:


The game is not a multiplayer game so you will not be able to go up on high scores (High scores are not available on this game) and you wont be able to gain levels

Cya around 🙂


Fantage Christmas Party! ***WInd and SLippy no longer involved***