New Fantage Halloween Costumes!

Man, i havn’t posted in a while! Anyways, Sameer1000 here and some of the halloween costumes have arrived!

Items for Boys:

White Ghost Sheet
Mummy costume
Barrel Clothing (i dont know if its for girls also)
Green Apple Hat
Orange Apple Hat
Halloween Pumpkin Sweater

Items For Girls:

Pink Ghost Sheet
Frankenstein’s wife lol
Mummy costume
Pumpkin Sweater
Green Apple Hat
Orange Apple Hat

To get these items go to the forest which is this icon on the map:

Once at the forest click on all the pumpkins in the grotto area 😀 follow this animation to find out where they are:

You do not need to go to the area were the wizards hut is.

Once you click on all 4 pumpkins go to the grotto and you should see a sign with lily the fairy fantagian (shes a fairy right??) saying Click Me!

Isnt my costume just so original? A surfing ghost! Anyways, back to the post 😛 Now click on that sign or on lily the fairy fantagian and a secret store will come up and you can buy some cool fantage costumes! Sadly, most of the costumes are for premium members

The image is corrupted (badly converted) so it makes it all shiny and colorful (which is kinda good lol)



New Fantage Comic!


M released a new comic today and it shows some of the costumes that will come out 😀 so far here are some costumes that will come out 🙂 Mummy Costume (for boys and girls), Frankenstein (For Boys) and a version of frankenstein for girls. Here is the comic 😀

(Click To Make Image Longer)


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Quizes to get a better understanding off the site!


Im almost at 1000 views and i need to know if you guys like this site and stuff 😀 here are the polls!

Thanks for the votes 🙂 Inspiration for the polls from fever 😀

If you have any questions, comments, concerns just comment on this post or email 🙂

Fantage Halloween!


Fantage just released the updates for Fantage Up Town! Its so awesome! Here is what it looks like!

M said that the first set of costumes will be coming out soon 😀

and here is a poll!

-Sameer1000 😀

The Fantage Forum!

Hey Everybody!

I created a fantage forum a few months back but shut down 😦 so now i am re opening it so everyone can join and post!  To get to the forum click on the link below:

Please register and start posting! 😀


New Fantage Servers!

Hey Fantagians!

Today Fantage released some new servers! They are called Red Kangaroo and Orange Monkey! 😀 Here is a picture of them!

its awesome 😀

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Lots of Fantage Updates!


Fantage just updated a whole lot :O You wont believe this but their are talking NPC Players! Like down town girl, Officer Russel, and many more!

Another update they made is they added boxes that you can click to access the news paper and other cool places without having to leave the site ;D They also added a water fountain in the middle of down town!

OMG OMG Fire Hydrants! Even though their will be no fires 😛

And… *DRUM ROLL* The furniture shop got fixed up! its design is no longer trashy! WOO HOO!!! Their are see through windows!

And something tells me their will be a new room! Hmmmm,

Wow this is a lot of updates! Here is the final update! NEW MEDALS!! You get these medals if you get into the news paper 😀 Here is the medal that i got 🙂

There are also 3 other medals you can get 😀 Here they are!

I think that is pretty much it!
Cya Everybody!!