New Fantage Medals!?

Hey Fantagiens! Sameer1000 here AND:


What, When, How, Where!? Their might be new fantage medals!? M told us yesterday (i posted late lol) that tuesday comes with the comet, and these might be related! My idea is that if you do something and get posted on the news paper, they add that medal to your player card to tell everyone ”Hey! I was in the news paper!” lol. Thats my thought! And here they are!


Hmmm, I wonder!



New Fantage Game!


“M” Announced that their is going to be a new game on fantage coming out pretty soon! For proof check out this comic that M has released! The comic is hilarious lol Check it out!


Click for a bigger preview

Fantage Medal Cheats! How to Gain levels!


Here are the cheats:

To gain levels you need to play games and get into the top ten scores. Once you get into the top ten scores you will gain a level. If you get into the top 3, you sometimes will gain 2 levels!!!